At CCE, We believe our mission statement says it best:

“Meeting The Challenges Wherever It May Take Us”
Our heating and air conditioning designs have tamed the harsh environment at both
polar ends and the Southeastern region of the United States to provide, comfortable,
healthy places for people to enjoy.

Cervantes Consulting Engineers, LLC has been fortunate to be involved in the design
and construction of some of the challenging and amazing buildings on the planet.  We
are but a few firms that can claim to have designed buildings from the North Pole,
Alaska to the South Pole, Antarctica.

We have extensive experience in various project delivery systems from
Design/Spec/Bid/Build to Design Build Construction Documents.  We have
experience designing in both consulting and contracting firms. Our years as a
mechanical contractor adds value added engineering and practicality to our designs.

We improve comfort and energy efficiency and enhance aesthetics to the building
architecture.  Our team adheres to project budgetary restrictions and work closely with
an informed owner to meet design goals and expectations.

At CCE, people are our ultimate focus. We strive to design top-quality, innovative,
energy-efficient, safe and comfortable systems that work right the first time for a wide
range of facility types. Our goal is to provide our clients with economical, user-friendly
systems that are comfortable, reliable and easy to maintain – qualities that form the
backbone for long-term satisfaction for the building owners, occupants and
maintenance staff.
Cervantes Consulting Engineers, LLC
"Meeting The Challenges Wherever It May Take Us"